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The Powerhouse Rental & Custom Design Collaboration

Encompassing Holistic Design

In the dynamic world of event design, two contrasting philosophies shine bright: minimalism and maximalism.

Yin and yang.

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Design Connection & Presence 

Form and Kadeema boast passionate admirers and offer unique avenues for expressing curated style through event spaces such as tented weddings, corporate event lounges, outdoor gatherings, and grand 2,500-seated galas and events in and around Boston and New England's finest venues for private parties. Upon entering our rental and design showroom, the choice between the tranquil simplicity of Kadeema’s lighter style and minimalism and the bold statement of Form’s moody and custom maximalism we anticipate to reflect clients' envisioned event dreams. Kadeema and Form have joined forces to create a mutual space for exploring the essence of both and all styles, empowering planners and clients to collaborate with both companies to achieve design goals and spark creativity.


Kadeema's Founder

Kristen Bender Daaboul, founder of Kadeema, is known for her remarkable interior design eye. She established Kadeema Rentals in 2016 and Raha Home for residential and small commercial design in 2020. She’s been the go-to for event industry and TV production sets for furniture and styling rentals.

Meet Tony Cervantes

The creative visionary behind FORM. With a passion for transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, Tony co- founded FORM in 2018. What started as a dream quickly evolved into a premier luxury event design company, renowned for its impeccable attention to detail and innovative concepts. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.


Meet Terence Harrell

Meet Terence Harrell, the creative force behind FORM! Blending the eye for detail with a passion for unforgettable experiences and fashion. Co-founding FORM in 2018, realizing the magic that happens when creativity meets meticulous detail to design and passion. Since then, we've been dedicated to transforming ordinary events into extraordinary memories.

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  • By combining back-of-house operations, we create a seamless transition between the rentals of our two companies, benefiting the client.

  • Clients no longer have to deal with two separate costs; everything can be done in a single order.

  • We provide a one-stop shop for furniture rentals, custom fabrication, styling, staging, and design.

  • We are physically bridging over 45,000 square feet of space to accommodate our curated furniture rentals and our in-house custom fabrication shop.


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